Alicia Keys Dress Dupe

A few months ago, at the 2013 Grammy Awards Show, Alicia Keys gave an amazing performance (who knew she could drum?!). I fell in love with her dress from the moment I saw it. All underboob grudges aside, you have to admit- it was pretty fabulous. I had brushed it off, though, assuming such a dress was unattainable for a lady on a budget like myself. However, when perusing ModCloth, I stumbled upon this lovely little treasure. Granted, it isn’t cut out quite as much in the belly area (a good thing for those of us still working on those chiseled abs) and there is less boob-age, but I thought it was just as lovely. In fact, I would much rather wear the more ‘conservative’ of the two.

Right: ModCloth Sunset Boulevard Bash Dress


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