Target Tuesday: Kate Spade Earring Dupes

I’ve always had a soft spot for Kate Spade. Coincidentally, I’ve also been known to spend hours upon hours browsing in my beloved local Tar-jay. It was only a matter of time before I noticed that many of the pieces I had glimpsed in the jewelry department were very close relatives to some much pricier earrings. I was absolutely thrilled at this groundbreaking discovery. I imagine that my reaction was quite similar to that of the guys who discovered that the world was indeed round. of course, I couldn’t help but share this newfound knowledge with the blogosphere, so here you are. Kate Spade on a (really tight) budget.

Kate Spade garden Grove Large Studs

Target Green Enamel Stud Flower Earrings

Kate Spade Plaza Athenee Drop Earrings

Target 2 Tier Stones Drop Earrings

Kate Spade Coated Confetti Linear Earrings 

Target 3 Tier Teardrop Earrings

Kate Spade Skinny Mini Pave Studs

Target Gold Pave Bow Stud


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