I love to experiment with different styles or ‘themes’ in the way I dress. I have a dresser full of clothes that range from music festival chic to yachting with the Kennedy’s. However, I think my favorite style is Prep. I live in a city known for boat shoes and sailing, so it’s only natural that I would take a liking to preposity. Now, ‘preppy’ is a pretty vague term. You have your eighties prep (popped collar, everything neon, Lacoste, etc.), you have nautical prep  (wide stripes, navy, white chinos, etc.) and you have what I like to call Modern Prep. Modern Prep is basically clean lines and basic, classic pieces juxtaposed with more modern accessories. In the ensemble below, I’ve paired a classic collared sleeveless blouse with berry colored shorts in a classic cut. I’ve added a pair of classic, circular sunnies, a beige bag in a classic shape, and more modern jewelry. Preppy

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