Target Tuesday!

Is it just me or has Target really classed up its act? I was perusing the shelves today and I noticed some really on trend pieces! Naturally, I just had to share them with you lovely people!

I’m loving the color palette here! And they typography is positively brill!


How CUTE are these? I like the pattern… It’s embroidery, but it has the look of snakeskin. Absolutely perf for the Eco conscious fashionista, and quite a bargain!

I’m seriously digging the gold trend right now. It’s luxe, but designers are revamping the classic metal and making it modern! This bowl is majorly TDF.

Gold polka dots? Yes please! These are just about the most adorable binders that I have ever laid eyes on. They even come in mini

I’m really into this bag… It has the boxy, structured silhouette that’s all the rage these days, a fun splash of texture, and it happens to be in navy, one of my most favorite hues.


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