Crushin’ On Alice And Olivia

Crushin' On Alice And Olivia
While all of the colors here aren’t very well suited for summertime frolicking, most are quite versatile. Take the first frock with the majorly TDF back… Pair it with some burgundy lips, a clutch and a some diamonds and you’ve got yourself an ensemble for a night out with the beau. Pair with some cute nudie flats (or pumps), a cardi, and a belt and you’re set for the boardroom. The following skirt is also easily dressed up or down. The next pullover is a little less structured, but a pencil skirt would make it office ready, a pair of your comfiest jeans would make it the perfect attire for a Netflix movie marathon, and a sparkly bodycon skirt and some sky-high heels would spice up date night. The shorts look super comfy for lounging or just having a picnic with your girls, but they’re also structured and polished at the same time. While the last top isn’t as easy to switch up, with that amazing cut out, it’s still completely drool-worthy.

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